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Pregnancy period

You May Be Expectant: CheckThe Followings Signs And Symptoms

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We hope you're doing fine, it's pleasure having you around . As usual our main objective is to bring you trusted, updated and reccomended healthcare services at the comfort of your couch. All you have to do is follow us for more amazing and educative articles.

We appreciate hearing from you and today we are glad to respond to a question posed to us by one of our followers, she asked, " What are the early signs of pregnancy?"

Mmmh,let's say you have been working, eating and sleeping well. Oh, your moods are also in check. Suddenly your cravings are above the roof! You're 'dying' to have some oranges and when you finally get them, now you prefer pineapples alongside fish stuffed with watermelon. Come on, who eats that? It doesn't end there, just yesterday you were angry and quarrelled with everything around you including your pet and of late you don't feel like waking up; headaches, nausea have taken the best you. Though it will be wise to seek medical attention, chances are high that you maybe expectant, more so if you have skipped your 'days'.

Worry less, what you're experiencing is normal, join me in checking out the early signs and symptoms of pregnancy.

1. Missed periods - this is usually the first early sign though in some cases it may not reflect pregnancy more so for those who experience irregular periods, or maybe some family planning methods may alter your normal cycle.

2.Tender swollen breast- hormonal changes might make your breasts sensitive and sore.

3.Morning sickness / fatigue- high progesterone levels makes you sleepy, nauseous and tired.

4.Increased urination- you may find yourself urinating more often than usual. Amount of blood in your body increases during pregnancy causing the kidney to hold extra fluid that ends up in the bladder, then in the wash room.

5.Moodiness- I think this is self-explanatory. But the hormone plays a role.Just like in the monthly periods.

6.Light spotting- known as implantation bleeding, it happens when the fertilised egg attaches to the lining of the uterus about 10-14 days after conception.

7.Cramping- mild uterine cramping maybe experienced.

8.Constipation- your digestive system slow down due to hormonal changes hence decrease in 'long call' episodes.

9.Food aversion- you may become more sensitive to certain aromas and your taste might change too.

10.Nasal congestion- stuffy, runny nose maybe experienced.

That's all for today and ofcourse a 'takeaway' for a special person like you

Take away : Men this is for you, come closer. Elevated temperatures is harmful to your 'family jewels' or 'Arabian goggles' okay enough, where are my manners! I hope you got the metaphor. Avoid placing that laptop on your lap, avoid frequent hot baths and also check how you frequent that WiFi joint the waves might not be 'friendly' afterall.

Hey, you made today's article a success, thank you. Consider following us for more education, informative and amazing articles. Until then, goodluck and take care.

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