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Pregnancy period

If You Experience These Signs You Could Be Going To True Labour

Pregnancy is usually a long and a tiring journey for a woman.Even before conception of the fetus, a woman who wants to carry a baby in a womb, has to attend a lot of visits to the doctor or a specialist for her to undergo some tests before getting pregnant. This is what the midwives term as antenatal care.

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When the women gets pregnant, monitoring of the pregnancy commences in order to rule out any danger to fetus and the mother which may include; bleeding, abdominal pains etc. Monitoring continues until when the pregnancy reach maturity, that is usually by 37 weeks and above. Roughly, that is 9 months, the normal gestation period of a human being.

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As the mother approaches the time of giving birth, several changes occur in her body. These changes are what the doctors and nurses refer to as signs of true labour. The signs include:

1. Pain infront of the abdomen which can move to the thighs.

The pain is usually due to contraction of the uterine muscles in order to push the baby out. The contractions should be at regular interval, increasing gradually in frequency and duration.

2. The pain shoould be relieved by pain medications.

For true labour pains, the pain should be so intense such that it can't be stopped because if stopped, the labour will fail to progress.

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3. It is associated with discharge of blood stained mucus.

Doctors term this as show. During pregnancy there is usually a mucus plug that prevents any micro-organisms from reaching the placenta. At the end of pregnancy it is discharged as show.

4. Formation of bag of 'Fore' Waters.

Before your waters break, the intensity of the contractions will cause the membranes of the placenta to bulge from the birth canal just before the head of the baby and the amniotic fluid otherwise termed as waters will be seen or felt by your midwife.

5. Descend of the presenting part of the baby.

With the increasing contractions, the head of the baby will drop to your birth canal and will continuously drop down until the head and the body of the baby is born.

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