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5 Most Unusual Twins who were Born Different

From the same hair color to similar facial features, identical twins are definitely noteworthy. But what about those sets of twins that are unique and one of a kind? Below are 5 of them.

1.) Stevie and Eddie Ahern

These 17 year old brothers were born with the Prader-Willi syndrome that makes them hungry all the time. Unable to satisfy their hunger, Steve and Eddie are also prone to violent outbursts.

2.) Rosemary and Christina

26 year old Rosemary and Christina were born with the skin pigmentation disorder called albinism. It is not only rare but to encounter a set of identical twins with it is a truly unusual occurrence.

3.) James and Harley

These 5 year old brothers made headlines across the world when they were born with their abdomens conjoined. Even though they shared a few organs, brilliant minds of the Children's hospital of Fudan University found a way to separate them successfully.

4.) Nelly and Neev (Craniopagus twins)

These 21 year old sisters were born with the back of their heads conjoined. Unable to see each other directly, Nelly and Neev grew up looking at their reflections in the mirror and have a strong bond.

5.) Lucy and Maria

At first glance you wouldn't believe these two 23 year old sisters are actually twins. They were born with two different skin tones, hair colors and eyes and they look more like best friends than siblings. They just inherited different genes from their parents.

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