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Parents, These Are The Best Ways To Handle Your Kids During The Holiday

According to the primary and secondary schools timetable produced by the Ministry of Education, the first term of this year (2022) started on April and came to an on 1July after a period of 10 weeks.

However short the holiday may seem there is no doubt that many parents are having more rough time dealing with the children during the period. The following guidelines will help you go about your stay with your kid at home smoothly.

1. Allow them have more watching time.

Television program keeps the children settled, entertained and also educate them.

2. Take them on a vocation on out.

This helps your child relax his or her mind especially now that the learning calenders is a crush-program like.

3. Do not force them to study.

They have always had enough during the school days..let it be upto them to read or do the assignments at their own convenient time.

4. Allow you kid play and socialize with other kids.

By socializing they tend to expand their knowledge and at the same time playing is a form of exercise to their bodies.

Physical exercise helps keep the body fit and free from disease. Hence a health body equals an active and relaxed mind.

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