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Photos: If You Never Experienced Any of These While Growing Up then You Missed A lot

Growing up in a Kenyan or African village setting is one of the best and hilarious memories one can ever share with the new generation. Days when families were more than just blood ties and friendships were more than just mutual bonds. In the modern world, some parents don't even allow their kids to interact with other kids for fear of ethical contamination even though they get it completely wrong. The new generation misses alot. But still, if you were never part of these activities while growing up, you missed alot.

Photo: Is this Oringo, Bayayaya, Oringo Bayayaya

Photo: The grand tournament, there never has been one like this besides wrestling.

Photo: Ladies and little brothers understood this better, because elder brothers were exempted from the duty.

Photo: This we did in turns, it was so risky but we were genius, the pushing was however heart wrenching.

Photo: This is how we practiced bike riding. Bicycles at that time were so much raised. And we could ride them that way for kilometres.

Photo: Piling updated firewood around the hut, covered them from heavy rains. Putting up fire with rained on firewood was a nightmare, no one was ready for it.

Photo: This was the most popular fencing technique in our village (Thevetia peruviana). I yet to find out an English name for the plant. It was and is still a popular fencing and aesthetic plant in most village schools.

What was your best moment?

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African Bayayaya Kenyan Oringo Bayayaya


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