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"Why I Invested in My Parents, Why People took Advantage of me." Nadia

Everybody should be thankful for what parents do to their children. Mostly they sacrifice everything for the sake of their children. Others don't live a decent life so that the children can get enough education.

Her parents sacrificed all they had for the sake of her and her other four siblings. She was taken to good schools and lived a good life. Her father was working in KBC by then while as her mother was working in the military. Her father loved education where he disciplined them if they failed the exams. Luckily due to his strictly she was able to join Maseno University where she did finance.

Nadia Mukami is known by many due to her good and captivating songs. She is an ambassador for different company and entrepreneur and a go getter. She is in a stable relationship and looking forward to getting married.

Nadia opted to invest in her parents because they made who she is today. In the recent past we have seen her buying them a new car. She have also opened many businesses in Mwihoko and other areas. Her parents now live a good life with now struggles. Her parents are now aging gracefully.

"I love and cherish my parents because of everything they did to me. My mother installed disciplined and hard work in me. My father showed us that nothing that come easily. You must work extra hard. That is why i take my music career seriously and try to invest in different areas." Nadia tells.

Although not every one who appreciates what she does, she thankful for what she gets from royal people. Nadia states many people undermine her because of her small body. Others took advantage of her because she was soft and humble and it led to depression. Luckily she decided to gain alot of courage, love herself and be harsh to people who closed her line. In other cases people thought she can never do music that people can like.

Unfortunately many people even thought she was a small girl. Luckily she was able to over come all through gaining her self esteem and being herself. In this life you can never make everybody happy. As a woman she have persevered alot of things before she made to the limelight. She went through many auditions before her time came and she rose to the limelight.

Women should work hard. Whatever little you do and get you can make it. You just need to put strategies in what you do. Keep trying and pushing.

Ways to improve your self esteem

1.Love yourself above all things.

2.Celebrate every achievement you make.

3.Be true to your values and beliefs.

4.Have friends who loves and appreciate you.

5.Take every challenge as an opportunity to learn.

6.Know you are an inspiration to someone.

7.Accept compliments but only pick the positives ones.

8.Treat yourself well.

9.Believe in your inner self.

10.Keep moving.

Lessons Learnt

Be thankful to your parents always. Make them happy when they are alive. Never forget them.

Educating your children is a good investment.

Give your children room to follow their passion.

Never give room to those people who see you as nobody. Keep pushing and believe in yourself.

Invest early for the old age is coming where the energy will be gone.

Do whatever you do and leave a legacy.

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