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Stop Taking Herbal Medicine For You To Get Pregnant, Do This Simple Home Remedy Instead

After taking family planning methods, sometimes it becomes difficult for one to conceive first as expected. Some women take more than five months after the last period of family planning method for them to conceive while some conceive immediately they stop using the methods. This makes some women go for herbal medicines known as 'Dawa za Kienyeji' for them to conceive.

Today I will be telling you one secret that will make you go back to your normal fertility. Just go for cinnamon,this is a type of extract that is sold in the market. It is mostly used to add spice to food or to bring a unique taste in tea or coffee. It's sold in different quantities.


Take a small amount of Cinnamon and add to your foods that you take everyday. You can also take two teaspoons of cinnamon or 500grams and consume everyday before going to bed everyday for atleast 3months. Your fertility will regain immediately and you will conceive even without any struggle. Remember to consult a doctor if you have health problems before consuming cinnamon.

Try this method and you will never regret. Please share the article because it may be useful to some of your friends.

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