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Pregnancy period

Did you Know That Ladies With Short Height Are at a Risk of Having Maternal Complications?

In maternal health,there are problems that affect the health of a mother.This include malnutrition,controlled reproduction and effecting.

During maternity,there are different cycles experienced which includes fertilisation,antenatal care,intranertal care ,post natal care and interconceptional care .More care should be given to a pregnant woman during pregnancy, during child birth and after child birth.

There is a higher probability of a mother dying or experiencing injury as a result of pregnancy.

The following are some of the common maternal risk factors affecting pregnancy.

1.Pregnancy below 19 years.

2.Associated medical conditions such as high blood pressure,kidney diseases,heart diseases,repeated attacks of malaria and tuberculosis.

3.Pregnancy above thirty years old.

4.Having too close pregnancies especially less than three years.

5.Malnourished women with anemia.

6.Mothers more than 70kgs.

7.Mothers less than 40kgs of weight.

8.Mothers with short height especially less than 145cm since they have a small pelvis.

9.Having too many babies.

Every pregnancy should be considered a special and unique pregnancy irregardless of the number of pregnancy.

All ladies should consider the following factors and atleast change what can be changed if possible so as to reduce some of this Maternal risk factors.

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