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Pregnancy period

" Congratulations" Vera Sidika And Brown Mauzo Welcome Their Daughter In A Special Way

Vera Sidika and brown mauzo have walked the journey of pregnancy and they have finally seen the end successfully. The journey of pregnancy differs from one person to the other. Some experience some difficult moments during this period others do not the experience a smooth journey. Brown Mauzo and Vera Sidika lucky enough seems to have had a smooth pregnancy period.

This special day of mashujaa day, a huge day celebrated by the whole country, Vera Sidika and brown mauzo had a special way to celebrate their day of Mashujaa day. God Honored them by offering them a great bundle of joy.

Vera Sidika and brown mauzo welcomed their baby girl whom they reffer to as princess at ten twenty one after morning as stated on their Instagram. They named the little Angel Asia Brown, such a pretty and unique name. Vera Sidika and brown mauzo went further to make a YouTube account for Asia brown.

Welcome to the world Asia.

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Angel Asia Asia Brown Brown Mauzo Vera Sidika


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