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Pregnancy period

Types Of Food To Eat During Pregnancy So As To Give Birth To An Intelligent Baby

Your baby's cognitive development starts from inside your womb and so if you want to raise a naturally intelligent child right from birth,this article is just what you need. A brainy child definitely will have less difficult in keeping up with school work. Also retention and absorption of other skills both inside and outside classroom will be easier.

Apart from genes, food that you eat during pregnancy is likely to affect how your baby's cognitive development takes place.The suggested meals you have to include in your diet is as follows,

1 Eggs.They have amino acids known as choline proven to aid in brain development and enhancement of memory.Ensure that you avoid unpasteurized eggs because they have a bacteria that can cause various health complications.

2 Greek yogurt.Has calcium which helps in baby's bone development and also rich in iodine which helps in reduction or prevention possibilities of low birth weight.Both the regular and greek yogurt are made from the same ingredients but differ in nutrients in that, regular yogurt tends to have fewer calories and more calcium, while greek yogurt has more proteins and less sugar.

3 Pumpkin seeds.The seeds are loaded with zinc mineral useful for promoting proper brain structure and cognitive promotion of information.

4 Fatty fish

Fish contains Omega 3 fatty acids that are vital for the baby's brain development.Pregnant mothers should ensure that they take at least two to three servings of fish per week in order to give birth to an intelligent kid.

5 Green and leafy vegetables e.g spinach are rich in folic acid which is very important in keeping the baby's brain protected from tissue damages,reduces the risks of neural tube defects and also eliminates cleft lip and various heart defects in babies.

6 Beans,are rich in iron needed by the body for transportation of oxygen to nerve cells in baby's brain. Chicken meat is another example of foods rich in protein.

You can also consider taking supplements that contain folic acid and iron if you have challenges in meeting the above recommended diet but first you have to consult your doctor for doses and prescription.

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