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Pregnancy period

"We Were Unknowingly Four Months Pregnant", Tileh Pacbro And Martina

Tileh Pacbro and Martina are a well-known young couple. They have individual YouTube channels but they also have a common one which has over 100,000 subscribers. Martina is from Spain and Tileh is from Kenya. They literally dance for a living. Tileh is the CEO of Dance 98 which is generally a dancing crew. What they do is that they do dance choreographies for both local and international music. We have seen a couple of artists support them including Bahati and Willy Paul. Tileh and Martina has taking the ablaze after revealing that they were unknowingly four months pregnant. The big question of course has been, how?? Four months is such a long time. This is what happened. Martina run out of her family planning Pills on early December. However, she happened to have a friend who was coming to Kenya from Spain and so she requested her to buy her the pills and bring them over. Her friend, unfortunately, brought the wrong kind of pills. Martina just assumed and went ahead to take them. She missed her January monthly periods and assumed it was because she had changed her normal contraceptives.

She went to Spain and bought her normal pills and came back to Kenya. Again, she missed her periods and assumed that it’s because of the shift of the pills. On March she missed her periods again and that is when she decided to go see a doctor. Shock on her, she was twenty weeks pregnant. Halfway her pregnancy journey. Well, Congratulations to them. Thank you so much for clicking on this article. Kindly remember to like, share and comment

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