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Woman Narrates How Painful It Feels When People Tell Her to Take The Twins To The Children Home

Good-hearted people are very people but still, they exist. Sarah Wanjiru shares her experience in this.

Sarah is from Kahawa West, married, and a mother of three. She is fifty-six years old and has been a long-time tailor. When she was raising her kids she employed a house help by the name of Wangari. She was very kind-hearted and they grew very close with Sarah.

She stayed with Sarah's family for eight years and after the kids grew up she left but the two remained in touch. All this while Sarah treated Wangari as a daughter. Wangari had ever since struggled to get children but she gave birth twice and none of the children survived.

However, at one time she was nearing giving birth and she went to Sarah's place. When her time was due she was taken to hospital and underwent a cesarean section where she gave birth to twins. 'at least has been called mum,' Wangari said with joy.

Three days later Wangari was discharged and Sarah took her home. A day after her discharge she said she was feeling cold on a certain evening and unfortunately passed away. It was too late by the time she reached the hospital.

After her burial, Sarah took over as the caretaker of Wangari's twins though her relatives are still alive. It saddens her that many think she is raising the kids to get pity from wellwishers but she says it is a calling. Also, she condemns those who advise her to take the kids to the children's home because she says all her service is for Christ.

Life hasn't been easy but she trusts God to continue making ways where there seems to be no way. She requests any support from well-wishers to continue raising the twin babies.

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