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Pregnancy period

Dangerous household activities to be avoided during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a delicate phase in woman's life. Though household activities are good for exercise, there are other chores that are actually not safe for expectant mother's. These includes:

1) Climbing a ladder.

This can affect your overall coordination as you are carrying more weight than you are used to. Therefore, being in a position of falling which could be a risky for the baby, possibly leading to preterm labour.

2) Carrying heavy objects.

These comprises of things like groceries, carrying a baby. If you have to carry groceries, divide the load between both your hands instead of holding everything in one hand as it strains your back.Also use a backpack where possible.

3) Mopping and sweeping.

Do not use brooms and mops with short handles attached to them in order to avoid bending too much, as this causes sciatic nerve that runs from the lower back to the leg.

4) Standing for too long.

When you do that especially during the later stages of pregnancy, you will bring problems to yourself such as increase risks of high blood pressure, disruptions of the flow of blood and also causes swollen feet. You should thus pull a chair and sit while performing certain tasks such as cutting and cleaning vegetables.

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