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How A Creative Dad Could 'Breast Feed' His Baby In The Absence Of Nursing Mother

Many believe that it's only mothers who can feed babies when it comes to milk feeding. However, Consider a situation in which the father is left alone with the child. The baby then begins to wail, pleading to be breastfed. Some newborns are so obstinate that they require their mothers to breastfeed them regularly.

If this does not happen, kids may sob uncontrollably. When the mother is not around, a few clever fathers can use the desired methods to fool their newborns into believing they are being nursed. The images in this content are of wise dads who breastfed their infants using the methods that worked best for them.

1. Putting A Milk Bottle Under The Shirt

This father cut a small hole in his shirt and inserted the tip of the milk bottle through it. The child was completely content to sip milk from the jar, believing it to be bosom milk.

2: Using a Fake Plastic Breast

This father used a bogus plastic bosom that looked exactly like a real bosom. The baby seemed quite content to take the milk from the false bosom.

3: Using A Tube And A Syringe

This parent filled a needle with milk and attached a flimsy cylinder on which the baby sucked the milk.

4: A Milk Bottle That Is Attached To A Tube

This father poured milk into a jug and attached a thin cylinder to it. Through the cylinder, the infant was suckling the milk from the milk bottle. The preceding thoughts may appear sarcastic but they work.

Some babies may refuse to drink the milk from a mere cup unless they believe it comes from the mother's breast. That is why the procedures described above worked since the baby believed the milk came straight from the mother.

When the nursing mother is not present, you can utilize one of the methods listed above to keep the infant from starving.

Content created and supplied by: Ndunguri (via Opera News )


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