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3 Genius Ways Fathers Breastfeed Babies When The Mothers Are Not Around

Mothers are supposed to breastfeed their babies. However, in certain situations fathers have to improvise different ways they can use to feed the babies when the mother is not around.

Here are four brilliant ways fathers use the baby when the mother is not around.

1. Using a Tube and a syringe

The father put milk into the syringe and attached the tube to his chest from where the baby could suck the milk using the tube.

2. Using a baby bottle and a tube

This method involves putting the milk inside the nursing bottle and connecting a tube from where the baby can suck the milk.

3. Using a fake breast

This father utilized a phony plastic bosom that resembled a genuine bosom. The infant is seen entirely happy with drinking the milk from the phony bosom. This is the most common trick that fathers feed their babies when the mother is not around.

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