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Pregnancy period

6 Common Changes That Occur In Men Immediately They Become Fathers

1. A significant drop in the level of testosterone

Testosterone is the hormone responsible for giving man his manly characteristics like aggression and other behaviors associated with men. There is a however a significant drop in the testosterone in men immediately they become fathers and you may even notice them become more softer and lesser manly.

They start concentrating more about the family and not other things. According to studies, men who have children have a lower testosterone compared to men that have hot no kids or still single. At this stage, you will realize that their priorities in life begin to shift.

2. There is a significant rise in Oxytocin levels and dopamine levels

Oxytocin and dopamine are responsible in creation of a strong bond between a parent and a child. A man in this case becomes more soft and caring because testosterone has dropped. This is what creates the father-son or father-daughter bond. The father will enjoy carrying the baby and even cuddling the baby and dopamine and oxytocin is the chemical responsible for this changes.

3. Postnatal depression also occurs in Men

Postnatal depression is common in women and rarely to do we hear of such in men despite the fact that it does occur in men also immediately the my become fathers.

Since there is a drop in testosterone level, men tend to even become more emotional and this my be seen in young fathers and new fathers as well. New fatherhood responsibilities may also cause the father to be depressed to some extend. It is careful for women to so take note of such things and not just overlook them.

4. Some brain changes may happen as well.

Scientists actually revealed that there is some changes That take place in the brain immediately someone becomes a father. A few months after becoming fathers, there is a change that happens in the brain and according to the study, the change is noticeable in the Grey matter of the brain.

This change is what helps the father to stay developing skills that will help him become a good parent. This changes in the brain makes the man to be a more of a problem solver, sensitive to risks and the man becomes so much interested in a better child upbringing.

5. Sympathetic pregnancy also affects men

This is not a medical condition but new fathers may actually sometimes be affected negatively when the wife is pregnant and it may even go as far as getting some symptoms of pregnancy like appetite changes, nausea am other things. This is so called couvade and is very common in New and young fathers to be.

6. High levels of stress

Men are sometimes affected by lots of stress when they become fathers it even when about to become fathers. And some of them may not speak or even seek help. This stress level may be as a result of anxiety in their new roles. The woman also has to shift her attention and direct it to the child and this may cause a lot of stress.

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