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Vera Sidika Finally Gives Birth Through Surgery As Desired Leaving Her Smiling

Some days ago vera Sidika shared her pregnancy videos with her followers asking them on which is the best method of giving birth between Surgery and normal delivery. Many people adviced her to go through normal delivery while some who convinced her asked her to go through the surgery saying it is not painful.

Some hours ago Vera Sidika was in delivery room waiting for her baby to come out where many were waiting to see if she will use the surgery method or normal delivery since she had promised to undergo surgery due to fear of labour pain. She later shared on her Instagram official page saying she gave birth through surgery saying it was the best. She said that people lied to her saying it painful where she has proved them wrong by saying she enjoyed it instead since she felt high due to the medicines she was injected.

According to you Kenyans, which method of giving birth do you think vera Sidika would have used instead according to your knowledge? Let's meet in the comments section and talk about this.

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