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Why Modern Parents no longer Believe in Rewards and Punishments to Educate Children

They are out of fashion

Reward and punishment might seem like two very different things but they are just two sides of the same coin. They both affect the child’s behavior where most people see main results being obedience. However this can have a certain effect on the child’s personality development

No parent would want to face the side effects

A child’s personality is formed through the relationship with their family member and the environment, so when a parent decides to teach their child through punishment and rewards, the idea of subjugation becomes strong and causes the following; negative ideas are reinforced instead of positive ones, bad behaviors do not change and the child experiences anxiety for not knowing what Is happening

Positive education as a base for anything

Positive education helps the child understand how much you love them; it focuses on practical character as well as personalized motivation to boost learning. Showing your child how you feel and acknowledging their efforts are just one of the ways of demonstrating affection

Benefits of education without punishments or reward 

We should not instill that mentality of punishments and rewards in children, here are the benefits they might get from this; children develop confidence in themselves and also they trust their parents for support, a sense of cooperation is learned, parents can feel better about their kids and they will learn faster because what they are feeling, thinking and deciding on themselves is known by the parents and taken into account.

How the relationship between the child and the parent improves

To parents, they should explain to their children why things are done in certain way instead of punishing them, for example they should not tell their kids that if they do not study, they won’t play video game, instead make them understand that studying will make them learn a lot of things that are not in video game. Such an approach is more effective than punishing the kid

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