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Pregnancy period

Things Regarding Different Cultures in the World, Women Do To Protect Their Pregnancy

Nowadays in different cultures, there are many restrictions for women who are pregnant. So, there are different countries from around the world, which their women do certain things to protect their pregnancy.

In Philippines, you should eat a raw egg just before delivery

Philippines women are advised to eat a raw egg before their delivery. They believe that the raw egg lubricate the birth canal. Furthermore, many Philippines also believe that the raw egg push the baby out easier.

In Mexico, you should avoid eating eggs

The people have different belief about the egg. Many of expectant mothers have a belief that eating eggs may make the baby to have a bad smell so that is why most of the pregnant mothers do not eat the eggs.

In China, do not rub your belly

It is a natural thing to rub your belly. According to an old Chinese tale, a pregnant woman should avoid rubbing her belly. This is because, they believe that it can spoil and fussy the baby after delivery of the baby.

In India is normal to wear bangles

In India, there is a ceremony called valaikaapu. The ceremony is held to celebrate an expectant mother, who is in her seventh month of pregnancy. During this time, the woman is adorned with bangles in both hands. They believe that a loud bangle sound activate the child senses and brain activity.

In Hawaii and Tahiti, never wear closed lei

In Hawaii, only a pregnant woman is allowed to wear open ended lei. To them, a closed lei is considered as a bad luck for the baby. Instead of the open ended lei, a pregnant woman can wear a head haku, which is a flower crown.

In Turkey, avoid eating fish, or ice cream

Turkey has some cultural groups, which warn their pregnant women against eating the fish. It is believed that, this doing prevent the baby from being born with fish mouthed. On the hand, eating ice cream to them causes a hole in the head of the baby.

In Japan, raw fish is part of a healthy diet

Japan encourages pregnant women to eat raw fish. They believe that eating a raw fish is a healthy part of a pregnancy diet. In other countries like the US, a pregnant woman is advised by doctors not to eat the raw fish.

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