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Pregnancy period

Induce labour at home in 3 simple ways.

Pregnancy is one of the best thing any woman would like especially after getting married. Although it may be tiresome during the last trimestermester. The sleepless nights, backaches and being restless.

Despite all these, a pregnant woman eagerly waits to feel her labour signs and rush to the hospital. But here are the simple ways to induce labour at home if you are thirty six weeks pregnant.

1. Hot shower

Having a hot shower at least once a day can help a great deal. It will stimulate you body and have labour pains as fast as possible.

2. Castor oil

Castor oil has been tried and tested for many years in inducing labour. All a pregnant woman needs is to drink few spoons of castor oil and she will receive her baby in a short time.

3. Taking hot tea

Tea leaves also play a big role in inducing labour. Make a cup of tea with a lot of tea leaves and take it hot.

4. Spices

Spices are meant to make foods nice and tastier but they can also be used to induce labour quickly. Add spices to your foods and serve it while hot and the end result is your baby at at hand.

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