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How Omanyala's One-Year-Old Son Saved Family From Mega Debt

The wife of Ferdinand Omanyala, the fastest man in Africa in 100m, Laventa Omanyala, has revealed how their one-year-old son saved them through difficult times.

While speaking to Lynn Ngugi, Laventa intimated that they were in deep financial woes the moment she gave birth to their only child, Quinton Omanyala. Her savings were all used up as Ferdinand was still in school and at the early stages of his athletic career.

The family later relied on mobile loans and borrowing from shylocks but all these made them be in financial trouble. Although the family chipped in, their expenses exceeded income.

Fortunate enough, Laventa stumbled on a competition where a local company was looking for a baby ambassador for its products. She gave it a shot by uploading photos online and luckily they trended and her son emerged top three.

“At the end of the competition, we made it to the top three and we were awarded Ksh100,000. This really saved us because we were sinking into debt. After tax, we received Ksh80,000 which we survived on,” she stated.

She added that the amount helped them to settle debts that had accrued and also paid a six-month rent. It is one of the moments that will be hard to be wiped off her memory as the trying times made them stronger in their relationship.

She further pointed that she will be focusing on the long jump and 100 meters just like her husband as she looks forward to getting back to the track next season.

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