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Five Simple Ways Of Making A Baby Laugh

Baby's first year is full of fun. You get to see your bundle of joy grow and develop. Making first steps and even grown to eating solid foods. Now laughter is one of the wonderful milestones that a baby makes. It acts as a way of communication. It shows that the baby is satisfied and happy. Sometimes it will require your stimulation to keep the baby active and playful.Below are fives ways of making a baby laugh.

1.Making funny sounds or movements. Funny sounds like blowing your lips together can make the baby from their belly. Kissing sounds also can leave them in chuckles.

2. Tickling the child lightly. Gentle touches and tickles makes the baby laugh. Tickle them lightly on the neck or their feet and you will be amazed at how they will react in joy.

3. Using noisemaker objects. You will be surprised at how funny those noises are to the baby.

4. Humerous facial expressions. The baby can see you and sometimes at this stage they try copying the gestures you make. Funny facial expressions can leave them laughing heartily.

5. Ensure that you are in good mood. This means you are happy and lively. That you can fo what you are making the baby do at that moment. You are able to enjoy along with the baby.

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