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"Who told You That?" Angry Maghoha Breaks Silence over CBC False Allegations by Parents

Teachers have been doing everything for the parents in the old 8:4:4 system of education. However, with Competency Based Curriculum, CBC, the table has been turned. The new system requires almost three-quarter of parents' involvement in the learning process of their children.

Teachers work has now been reduced to be that of an instructor. Parent is seen as the implementor of the instructed information. This means that the learner is acting as the intermediary between the two. He/she acquires knowledge from both the two parties.

Many parents have complained about this new CBC but they have never succeeded. In fact the situation is even becoming more serious after the CS Prof George Maghoha said that parents should stop complaining about CBC homework. They need to stop running away from their own responsibility.

Maghoha challenged the parents with a rhetoric question, asking them of the person who told them that their work was only to give birth to the children and then allow them to go to school. He concluded by asking parents to be innovative enough to help their children acquire education.

In my own opinion, soon parents will start lamenting, demanding for a decrease in the teachers' salary payout. This is because they think they have been given the task of the teachers. To some parents, teachers are nowadays relaxing, they don't teach.

Therefore, in your own view, do you think these parents are right when they say that teachers nowadays don't teach?

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