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If Your Father Is Still Alive, Make Sure You Do These 5 Things Before It Is Too Late To Do Anything

Fathers are the most important people in the world and that means they should be accorded alot of respect with regard to how they should be treated.

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Most of the times however, fathers are not treated as they ought to and most of them suffer neglect especially from their children when the attention is shifted to the mothers and this even makes most of them die early.

Every child should treat their parents equally and not one should be favoured while the other one neglected. Whether you are a man or a woman, remember one day you will be a father or a mother and you will want to be treated well with your children. Of you are the son or daughter and your father is still alive, make sure you do this 5 things before it is too late.

1. Make sure you call them frequently

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You don't know how these people feel lonely especially when they age. Most of them really wish that they could just find time with people they love and most especially their children. Everytime you call them, you raise their hopes and gladden their hearts. Especially if you live very far from him. Do some video calls so that atleast they get an opportunity to see you more oftenly. Also ensure you create time and visit them as often as you can.

2. Let them meet their grandchildren

If there is one thing that fathers love is just to find time with their grandchildren. If your father lives very far from where you live, try your best and take your children so that they spend time with their grandfather. Everytime a man gets to see his grandchildren and even have an opportunity to play with them, then life becomes meaningful and that gives them a reason to want to see another day. Create time when your father can have time with his grandchildren even if it is for a week or 2.

3. Assure him of how he is of much value to you.

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When last did you tell your fathers that he is the most important person in the world? Have you ever looked straight into your father's eyes and tell him, 'Dad I love you'. Most father's die prematurely because they feel unloved when children shift all their attention to other people. If you haven't done that, then it is high time you do that because a time will come when you too will be in a similar situation.

4. Tell him of your future plans

Most times as children grow, they feel so independent and see no need to involve their parents especially their fathers in any of their affairs. Some even travel abroad and never inform their fathers. Everytime you tell your father of your future plans doesn't mean you make yourself less of a man or a woman. But makes your father feel how much you value their council. Everytime you're planning to do something big, inform them and this will make them value you and even bless you.

5. Don't let them work when you can provide

Unless you cannot provide for your dad, then that is a different case. But if you have money to provide for him, don't allow him to work. You can make a commitment of doing something for him even on a monthly basis so that the old man does not tire himself with heavy work. Remember they are not going to be with you forever.

Can you think of any other thing that you can do to your father? Feel free to share with us your thoughts on the comment section below. Also don't forget to like and also share.

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