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Technology is Taking Over Parenting. 4 Tips to put into Consideration.

Screen time addiction is real; however, there are tips on how to curb mental and social problems.

It's usually so sad as a parent to enter into that dark room and what meets your eyes is the light flicks from those electronic gadgets held between the hands, no response even after numerous calls, or maybe the answer you get in return is fascinating and probably sounds rude.

Your attention is gained once you grab away that electronic device from them and they stare at you like zombies.

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In as much as we want our children to grow up in a free and conducive environment not affected by technology negatively, then we must be able to apply the below mentioned tips;

1. Role Model

Technology pulls us ( parents ) too close as much as it does to the youngsters. Every time we are checking the phones for updates, opening that favourite film or show that we don't want to miss, but remember children copy our behaviours, in turn scramble and compete for electronic devices. Thanks to Google and Apple companies which have addressed the issue by adding time limit features for specific apps.

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2. Aim for Balance

''To establish a sustainable and balanced relationship with technology is the most important step in parenting''. says psychologist Adam Alter, author of "irresistible" Just like food, children need to balance on access to technology or else fall into addiction of the same, "too much of everything is poisonous" as they say. There is always time for everything and parents should enforce this uniformity.

3. Set Limits

Parents should control the contents to be accessed by children, the time for which a certain content should be accessed and also the age for which contents are made for. Most programs on Televisions such as films and shows are rated ( e.g 13+ ) parental advisory. This informs whoever is watching that some contents are not worth for certain people under that age and that parents or guardians are required to supervise.

4. Proper Storage of Electronic devices

Electronic devices should be kept out of reach of children. This shows that whenever a child needs to get the device then you'll be aware. You will be able to balance the time for accessing it and the set limits will automatically be achieved. Everything will be under your control, You will determine which gadget, content and at time it will be accessible.

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