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Mother Reveals How 4-year-old Son Surprised Her After Leaving Him With Her Smartphone

A 4-year-old child's mother has revealed how son surprised her after leaving phone to him while doing daily chores. Yiannis Holden Kellian was born with complications with left side of his brain being affected. And doesn't talk at his age.

And according to Tuko, the young boy's mother revealed that she was surprised after learning that her son typed a six long password on her smartphone with success. The mother explained that she was shocked on how the son managed to do that and kept on watching him since which helped to notice her son's gift in typing.

Mother by the name Esther, claims that her son has ability to type hard words which has turned to be his mode of communication.

Apart from talking, Esther claims that her little one doesn't chew and admitted that the child needs special treatment which she can not provide at the moment.

According to his teacher, amid his situation, the 4-year-old has ability to grasp information and he is ahead of his age mates.


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Esther Tuko Yiannis Holden Kellian


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