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Tips For parents to guide their children

1. Be Friendly:- As a parent don't be too hard or harsh to your child be kind even when the child is wrong, this makes your child comfortable when explaining any issue either good or bad , therefore making you very easy to sort some technological issue arising in present day.

2. Minimize online time:- As a parent don't allow your child to be so focused on online issues and therefore you should create a sort of timetable that guides your child on his daily routine ,according to your timetable make sure you should minimize the online time for your child.

3. Beaware of childs Friend's:-Parents of present day don't care about their children's friends, meaning children will hung around with wrong friends and end up getting spoiled,as a good parent you should understand who your child is hanging around with.

4. Be of Good conduct:- Parents should be of high and dicent behaviour inside to outside family ,starting from family you should be a parent free from querralls when children are around learn to solve your issues with your partner when children are not around to create a child's mindset to be like you thus copying your ways.

5.Have time with your kids:- parents should not be so far with their children to keep them surerity that you as a parent cares them, this enriches love care and confidence in your child to tell anything even if its bad he or she is open and trusts you.

6. Always keep good relationship with your neighbours to make you coach all children in unity together with your neighbours

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