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Tips to Keep your Child from Developing body Image Issues

Encourage exercise

When you encourage you kid to start doing fun activities and playing outside with other kids, they start appreciating their body foe what it is capable of and how it looks. Make them do exercise as a way of getting stronger and even fit other than having weight loss as the main goal.

Try to shift focus from what people look like

Children learn a lot from their parents, so when you are talking about other people, try not to judge them in front of your kid. Instead of focusing your attention on their body, focus on their amazing qualities, they may be friendly or even good mannered. A child will start seeing the good in people other than judging them

Be a model body comfort for your child

If you complain every now and then when wearing clothes and asking around how you look, you are not doing your child any favor, you will be poisoning their mind on this matter. Show you child how comfortable you are and he or she will learn to appreciate other people in the society

Do not make every food decision for your kid

Sometimes let you kid decide what they want to eat, if it’s in the market let them decide what they would love to have for supper. Now, this is the perfect time to teach your child on the choice of food and their health, and also which vitamins are a must to the body

Help your child have healthy relationship with food

Do not force you child to eat everything on the plate, this might develop bad eating habits over a periods of time, do not use food as a prize or bribe because your child will start eating because of a totally different reason other than hunger and finally do not comfort you child with food

Make sure the child knows you love them

Most parents might find it hard to show their love to their kids as they believe it might lead to unwanted behaviors but it is very important for your child to know that you love them. They need to be aware that no matter what happens you will always love them; kids do value their peers’ opinion so much

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