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Pregnancy period

Best vegetables to eat during pregnancy

One of the first things a new mom to be does is to start watching her diet as soon as she sees two lines in a pregnancy test. A rich diet containing vegetables can help avoid complications such as gestational diabetes and nutritional deficiency. Eating vegetables also helps the baby grow in a healthy weight, reducing the risk of anaemia, controls blood pressure and leads to a normal weight gain of the mother.

Vegetables to eat during pregnancy:

(1) Sweet potatoes

These are good sources of Vitamin A,B and C.

(2) Beetroots

These are good sources of vitamins and fibre. They also help in strengthing the immune system.

(3)Bell peppers

These are high in vitamins and dietary fibre.

(4) Broccoli

These are high in vitamin C,K and folate. They also prove beneficial for easing constipation.

(5) Green peas

These are high in vitamin C and K. They are also loaded with fibre.

(6)Dark leafy greens

These are high on fibre, folate and carotenoid.

(7) Tomatoes

These are high on Vitamin C, K and biotin.

(8) Parsley

These are high in protein, Vitamin E and riboflavin.

It is recommended that when pregnant, you take small frequent meals to avoid feeling hungry. Eating small portions also helps in digestion which are common during pregnancy. It is recommended that you have 2.5 to 3 cups which is about 500grams of vegetables in a day. They can be consumed either raw or cooked.

Simple tips when adding vegetables into your diet:

(1)if you like spicy foods then Curry is your best option.The level of spice may depend on your preference as spices do not harm the baby.

(2) Homemade vegetable soup is a great option to have more vegetables.

Now you know which vegetables are good for consumption during pregnancy. Go ahead and add them to your pregnancy diet.

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