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How to survive the first few days with a newborn baby

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You finally get discharged and are allowed to go home with the baby. Do not worry about so many things nobody is born a mother , all you got to do is trust your motherly instincts, if its telling you to breastfeed the baby do just that. If the instincts are telling you to lift the baby, put him to sleep, put on warm clothes or light clothes do just that.

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You leave the hospital a totally changed person. You don't know how to wash a baby or change diapers, you do not know if the baby has diarrhoea or not. You do not know what poop color means what. You don't know if the baby has a skin problem or its just normal heat rush. In all this have your pedestrician's phone number on speed dial, when in doubt let him or her be your first reference.

You can also talk to people who have kids before like your mother, elder sisters and the likes. You do not necessarily have to follow everything they tell you they did with their babies, just the ones that make sense to you. Do not have superstitious beliefs nothing will happen to your baby if you do or don't do those practices. This is the period everyone will want to advice you on how to raise your child, your own child. Do not let them , I repeat follow your motherly instincts.

You might have been discharged yet there is no breastfeeding flowing , do not panic it will eventually come, just take lots of fluids and a healthy diet. You might get overwhelmed and carried away with this whole responsibility but do not forget to be your own person, because you were you before you were a mother. Do not also forget about your big baby, he will still need you to be his better half.

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