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Increase Usage Of Contraceptives Causes Harm And Damage, Find Out

Both oral and injectable Contraceptives are good and a good idea for the proper spacing and up bringing of children that one wants. However, in the older days this methods were strictly for the married people who were staying together legaly and with an intention of having children in a well planned manner.

What is happening today is the opposite, you will get school going children who are teenagers using this methods. The question is how can a young girl start using Contraceptives and she is not married? This question answers the problems are facing in the health sector.

Remember this girls don't have a partner that they are married to, so it means they are having different relationships with different boys or men. Now this should take you to another question; are they safe from contracting diseases?. If this is encouraged then we are going to have a lost generation without values.

If one doesn't get pregnant then she may contract a disease. And being young it will mean that they will continue spreading the infection. This is an area where every parent needs to be careful and give their children correct information. The medical facilities should also be cautioned, they should not dispense drugs to the teenagers anyhowly.

Last year a report on HIV was released and it showed that the number of new infection had ncreased, this is because of carelessness. If the right mechanisms are put in place then we shall overcome.

The schools, churches and colleges should be used as centers for educating teenagers and other groups of women who don't have proper information about contraceptives. Moral decay has also contributed so much to the problem we are facing. Young girls are not answerable to any one, and whatever they share amongst themselves act as a motivation to try it out without proper guidance.

Now that we know, kindly let us share this information to the other group that we are in.

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