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Avoid These Mistakes When Bathing A New Born Baby

1) Always dry the baby well.

When you are bathing a new born baby ensure that after you finish bathing the baby you dry the baby well and gently so that they will not be sick.

2) Clean the Vital parts.

You do not have to bath a new born baby on a daily basis. When you clean your baby ensure that you clean the vital parts.

3) Bathing with the baby.

Babies are sensitive to soaps and can get sick if you bath with the baby.

4) Lossing the grip.

Accidents do happen. If you lose the grip the baby may slip and fall there by causing injuries to the baby.

5) Leaving the baby in the tub.

Babies are very delicate to handle. Never leave the baby unattended in the tub. It do takes seconds for a baby to drown in the tub.

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