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Here Are Signs Of poor Parenting

Your kids are a reflection of you as a parent and as a poor parent. And why do I say poor parenting, Some of you all just did a poor job at parenting and maybe this is because you don't have enough time with your children and so this leads them into bad habits.Experts have linked drug abuse to poor parenting.Surely there could be no clearer example of unfit parenting than using children as a human shield, especially after being warned? Those poor little ones.The conversation we should be having is how the burden of parenting is placed on women. Unhelpful partnerships as a norm.

Some women are single mothers and this gives them hardship in raising their kids because they have to take the man part in them, which it limits times with the family of which maybe one comes home tired .So all she can do is resting and of which the next day she has to resume back to duties to bring food on table . So this makes children feel like no one is checking on them so the kids engage even in drug abuse and trafficking.

The majority of women in Africa are poor so they can’t even afford to provide enough to their families. We are all brilliant and geniuses, what made us fools and headless are lifestyle of Africanism poor parenting,poor education system,Drugs and Drug Abuse.A child’s shoulders were not built to bear the weight of poor parenting choices. Please let's do what’s best for your babies .The crazy thing about parents who regret or hate their kids is it's never really something the kids have done. It's usually their lack of preparation or poor parenting. The kids are just a product of their choices, but they never want to take accountability for the outcome.

This new generation of kids is a direct reflection of poor parenting, all that soft gentle parenting shit you all be preaching clearly does not work. And taking things lightly as if it's not a big deal also makes kids rude of which to you it's of no hard feelings but when they come out here it becomes hard for them.Parents are the root of the problem and the reason these kids don’t respect anyone .Many of us are starting from scratch, from poor education, poor diet and lifestyles, from traumatic parenting and zero standards and connections. That’s why it’s important to take it easy on ourselves while we’re creating the life we want.  

Parents are in denial that their children are sexually active and having sex, they shy away from having that talks with thier children. We need talk to our kids and especially this adolescent stage let's no keep this inside us because we are the ones who shall still feel the results . We all know that bringing up a kid poorly is a problem but please don't speak on any kids without knowledge. They're all diagnosed with mental health issues, experienced severe trauma and express severe behavioral issues. We can blame the way we bring them up but also you better acknowledge the trauma and poverty. Stress by itself is a predictor of poor parenting. When healthy mothers are stressed, brain oxytocin receptors and maternal behavior are compromised. The problems keeps on arissing.This also leads to Poor early Child Marriage.And honestly this Increasing cases of Domestic Violence is forcing young girls to escape from Home and get into Marriages.

We hardly talk of this. Some parents are too hard on their kids in a way that they think of committing suicide. No matter how hard life becomes don't commit suicide that's cowardice, your parents will be judged for poor parenting by the crowd when you lie cold in the casket . Speak up it's okay not to be okay.

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