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I Take Care Of My House Help Twins After She Died After Giving Birth, I Vowed To Love Them As Mine

A lady by the name Sarah 57years from Naivasha has narrated how she takes care of her former house help twins after she gave birth and died after two days, she vowed to love and take care of them as if they were her own kids.

According to her is that she had employed her as a house girl and she took care of her kids untill they grew up and she was very happy about it and they became good friends that they used to pray together.

She says that after she got married they kept in touch and she had two miscarriages and after she got pregnant with twins she was very happy but when she was five months pregnant her husband abandoned her.

When the time to gave birth came and she was admitted in the hospital after two days she gave birth to twins and everything was okey, since Sarah house was near the hospital she opted to go and get her from the hospital to spend sometimes in her house before going home.

Sarah says that after two days the mother of the twins started felling unwell they rushed her to the hospital but she died on their way, she says that her mother fell sick after she was informed that her daughter had died and so she couldn't be able to take care of the kids.

Sarah says that she decided to take care of them the way their mother took care of her kids with love, she has been with them since day one until now they are one year old.

She says that it has not been easy taking care of them but she is greateful to neighbors who has been helping her with food and clothes for the babies.

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