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Before Your Daughter Turns 18 Years Old, Ensure You Educate Her On The Following 7 Things

18 years of age is the age of consent agreed upon in most countries of the world. When an individual turns 18, they are considered as adults, issued with identity cards and are set free to operate independently from their parents or guardians. Although in other places of the world, this age can vary upwards or downwards.

Before your daughter turns 18 and constitutionally become an adult, ensure you educate her on the following.

1. Peer pressure

Let your daughter know that peer pressure is real and in most cases it leads to vices in the society.

Tell her to choose her friends wisely while she is a teenager and while she becomes an adult and moves out to live independently, remind her to be mindful of the people she associates with.

2. Contentment

In close association with number 1 above, Most young ladies do things so as to fit in their colleagues status.

This is dangerous since if she is in college, she will meet girls living expensively and she may feel inferior. This may force her to engage in irresponsible sexual relationship or crime so as to attain money.

Teach her to be contented with the little she has.

3. Abortion is a crime.

Some teenagers and early adults mess up and find they are pregnant. They then opt to abort since the pregnancy was uncalled for.

Let her know abortion is a crime and once she finds herself pregnant, she should not opt for abortion but rather should speak up to you.

4. Sponsors will destroy her life.

A sponsor is a modern term coined to mean sugar daddy. These are financially loaded older men who prey on young girls for sexual favours and offer them money in return.

Let her know the sponsors will spoil her dignity and Although they will give her money, she may be infected with a deadly STI, she can lead to marriage breakage in case the wife of the sponsor finds out and when things get ugly, she may meet her death due to love triangle scuffles.

5. Lesbianism is also a vice

Although many people are Fighting for gays and lesbians to be legally authorised in the society, those acts are unnatural and biblically sinful.

The vice begins mostly at teenage and young adult stage so she should be careful.

6. Avoid irresponsible Sexual activities and drug abuse

At teenage and Early twenties, most young people engage in uncontrolled parties, where drugs are supplies in plenty and once intoxicated, they engage in irresponsible sexual activities.

Give her the pros of these acts and tell her to avoid such activities.

7. Date responsibly

Some men will be out there to take advantage of her succulent body and take care or her ranging hormones.

Tell her to be careful as she dates since most men will be there just for sexual gratification, others may abandon her once she falls pregnant and others will waste her time as her colleagues are busy studying.

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