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"You Can Never Delete The History You Have With Your Baby Mama ", Benjamin Zulu Advices The Public

Benjamin Zulu [Image |Courtesy]

Many people use the term baby mama or baby daddy often thinking its a normal and fashionable term. Zulu advised the youth to take it seriously and not to be carried away and indulge in pre-marital sex in a carelessly manner. Premature sexual activities may lead to permanent consequences such as having a baby. Most pre-mature teenagers aged between 21-25 miss their periods and blame it on climate change out of ignorance. Usually, the mother or aunties may notice a change. This is usually an embarrassing and awkward situation. However, Benjamin Zulu advices that if you are aready in such a situation, its quite manageable if you put in the efforts required. The rest were advised to try and maintain their freedom and peace.

Benjamin Zulu [Image|Courtesy]

He emphasizes that people ahould have great mental concentration. Being a baby daddy or baby mama will never result in a serious marriage. You're life will always be chaotic. Bringing a baby to this world as a single parent may cause the baby to grow with no love or affection. The child may witness the dysfunctional marriage among his parents. This may lead to mental illness and trauma in a child.

Baby mamas and daddies are often stressed on how they will bring up the baby alone. Some single parents decide to live with other single parents to cost share. They end up choosing financial freedom over love. Some start collaborating with somebody to live with them with the intention of cost-sharing

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