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Things Every Child Needs To Hear

There are things that every child needs to hear to build their self-esteem , confidence and its behaviour.

As parents, make sure you express these things to your children:

I see your hardwork

When children find out that you know their hardwork, they will be motivated and determined hence they will keep on working extre hard in that they are being cared.

You are loved unconditionally

Letting your child know he or she is loved, is essential thing to do.

This is because when a child feels loved, he or she will be comfortable and learn to develop positively.

I know you can do it and I believe in you

Children should be motivated and this will help them because they know that you have faith in them and they believe in themselves.

This will lead to their success.

You are strong and brave

Instill your children with positive thoughts about themselves and this will help them grow into the kind of person you want them to be hence they will become successful people in their lives.

You are talented, so use your skills for positive things

Children should discover their talents and use them well together with their skills.

This will lead them grow their talents in the required direction.

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