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Nillan's Request to his Dad Diamond as Zari Takes him Back

Kids deserve the love of both a mother and dad but some irresponsible men choose to walk away immediately the news of a pregnancy is broken to them. If you are among those men, please just try and be part of your children's life.

So Diamond Platinumz proved he is not a deadbeat dad after taking his kids from Zari Hassan and spending some days with them. He made sure to make up to the days he wasn't with the kids and am sure the kids couldn't be happier.

So yesterday Zari Hassan pulled by Diamond's house to pick up the kids and the amazing part is the kids didn't cry to remain with papa or anything. Meaning What Diamond did, Zari does it better right? However, Nillan their son had only one request for him. He could be heard asking his dad to get him dinosaurs the next time he visits. Meaning he was hopeful he would be meeting him soon.

Click on the link to watch the goodbye video

Hope co-parenting people learn a thing or two from the above people. You should always respect the person you sired kids with nomatter the situation. Don't badmouth them Infront of your kids so they hate the person.

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