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Pregnancy period

Emergency Signs To Watch During Pregnancy

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The gestation period for a human being is about nine months or 40 weeks, divided into three trimesters. Any delivery before 37 weeks is regarded as pre-term or premature delivery.

Pregnant women are always advised to do exercise, eat a well-balanced diet, have adequate body supplements, observe enough resting time, and visit their physicians frequently.

There are issues that are connected to preterm delivery or can be a threat to the pregnancy and even during delivery. The following are the signs which can indicate that the pregnancy is at risk.

1. Abdominal pain

Lower abdominal pain for pregnancy that is not due is a sign something is wrong with the pregnancy. most of the time, the pain is associated with miscarriage. It's advisable to visit the physician in case of strange abdominal pain during pregnancy, commonly in the first and second trimester.

2. Spot of Blood

Pregnant women are not expected to spot any blood through the vagina or urethra, in case of any it is an indication of either infection or the possibility of a miscarage.

3 Faintness/Synocop

Filling dizzy mostly in the second and third trimester means either low blood in the body or low uptake of body supplements, and can lead to bed rest.

4. Change in Blood pressure

Change in blood pressure either too high or too low, is another dangerous sign during pregnancy that needs cross monitoring by the physician.

Pregnant women are always advised to be more vigilant to any abnormal sign which may be a danger to the pregnancy.

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