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How did you realize that your child was gifted?

Our daughter was at kindergarten (the year before official school starts) and we got a call from the principal saying ‘we think your daughter needs to see a psychologist’. Of course I was worried wondering- oh no she hasn’t burnt down the school has she? 😂

But no she thought our girl was gifted. So we got her tested and sure enough she was a bright one! Now she’s doing year 12 (all the tough subjects like physics, maths ,chemistry) yet she’s ahead 2years for her age. Last year she was not only dux for her year level but she also won the character award (which means a great deal more than academics if you ask me). This year she is also school captain for her sports team and championed that team to victory. She also has plenty of friends and spends some of her time volunteering. She is the most caring, lovely girl you could meet (not that I’m biased at all 😊).

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