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Three Things Parents Should Do for Their Children as They Prepare to Break for Half-term on this Day

When the decided to close all schools and institutions of higher learning due to the increased number of COVID 19 positive cases, parents complained a lot on the behaviour of their children. It was clearly shown on how teachers have been playing a big role in shaping the behaviour of the children in schools.

As schools prepare to break on 26th August, 2021 for a three day half-term, parents are advised to make sure that their children arrive home on the expected day and time depending on the location of the school. It has been reported that some secondary school students pass through entertainment and video showing places before going home. Parents should therefore communicate with schools on the time of closure thus being able to manage their children.

In addition to that, parents are also advised to ensure that their children stay home to counter the rapid spread of COVID 19 in the country. Lastly, parents should also start to make fee arrangements as half-term is just a reminder to the parents to clear the remaining fee balances.

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