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"I Did This To My Dad So That My Family Will Have Peace, I Later Regretted It, " Man Opens Up

Dan from Nairobi county is a firstborn in a family of three children. He sadly narrates his story to one of the YouTubers on what he did to his dad that he deeply regrets up to date.

According to Dan, his father was a violent man to an extent he beat all of them including their mother for no apparent reason. Seeing this used to hurt him to the core, and it created some bits of anger within him. He hated his dad for always causing chaos whenever he was around.

He thought of how he was going to eliminate him from their lives so that they would have peace. That's when he took money from her mother's bag one morning and went and bought poison.

He went back home before his father left for work. They used to serve him tea every morning, and that's when he angrily put the poison in his cup together with his tea and stirred.

He sat in the living room, pretending nothing had happened. The dad came and drank his tea and later left. According to him, he felt that he had solved all their problems, little did he know what was awaiting.

The dad came back after a while complaining of stomachache. The mother urged him to warm some water for him so that the ache would ease. Unfortunately, it got severe with time, and before they could think of taking him to hospital, he had already passed on.

Reality hit Dan so hard and guilt cut into him so deeply. He couldn't believe he had just killed his father. He ran away from home later on because he couldn't take it seeing his family mourn their dad. Not only that, but he went to live in the streets, but he knew no peace, especially because his father's ghost used to haunt him every time.

However, he became a drug addict to reduce the pressure, he says. It reached a point he felt that he needed to reform and that's why he has come out to confess. He deeply regrets his actions and is therefore asking for forgiveness from his family for killing their father.

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Dan Man Nairobi


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