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Why You Should Not Give Too Much Sugary Foods To Your Child.

Before you buy any food or beverage for your child it is important to check the label so as to identify the percentage of each food group and determine the right food or beverage for the child based on sugar content.

Though sugars provide energy,taking too much of it can cause great harm.Most of them are referred to as empty calories as they add no nutritive value e.g sweets and chewing gum.

Daily intake of less than 25 grams of sugar is the recommended amount of children between 2years and 18years.Excess of it can lead to obesity which predisposes someone to hypertension and type 2 diabetes.

Sugary foods also puts children at higher risk of developing dental carries.This occurs as a result of failure to clean or poor oral hygiene after consuming the food.The sugars promote a conducive environment for the growth of the bacteria and eventually complicates to dental carries.

Children who consume alot food or beverages high in sugar content are most likely to develop learning disabilities.This junk food may damage part of your brain usually the hippocampus affecting cognitive development.

They can also cause eye damage as sugars are carried through the blood the retinal blood vessels then to the lens of the eye where they cause inflammation affecting sense of sight.

Regular exercise is recommended to make children fit and healthy.

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