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Pregnancy period

Why Women Pee Frequently During Pregnancy

While frequent urination could be a sign of urinary tract infection, it is an early sign of pregnancy.

Before twenty weeks of pregnancy, frequent urination occur due to hormonal changes in the body. The pituitary glands in the brain in stimulate the kidneys to make more urine.

During Pregnancy, expectant women also have increased blood flow in the body. The HCG hormone stimulate the kidneys to produce more fluids which filters the blood.

You may feel the need to periodically visit the washrooms a few weeks before birth as the uterus and the fully developed fetus put pressure on the bladder.

Frequent urination during pregnancy may start between six and eight weeks due to increased blood flow in the body. 

The baby drops in the pelvis region toward the end of the third trimester. The baby's weight exerts pressure on the pelvis and the bladder hence increasing the urge to urinate. 

Pee as soon as you feel the urge because holding the urine may cause kidney problems.  

How To manage frequent urination during pregnancy. 

1) Make sure you empty your bladder well.

2) Drink less water at night to reduce frequent urination at night.

3) Avoid caffeinated drinks.

4) Have regular exercises, including kegel exercises, which strengthen your pelvic muscles.

5) Drink more fluids if your urine color is dark yellow.

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