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"My Love For Chips Could Have Seen Me Get Pregnant at 8" Confesses Tanzanian Activist

Do you spoil your kids once in a while? Okay the economy is really bad right now but trust you me, some men might take advantage of your children especially girls by giving them what you don't and they might end up being lured and even get defiled. So try your best and treat them once in a while.

So Mange Kimambi talked about her childhood in a very long post. She says that her love for French fries (chips) could have seen her get pregnant at eight years because, she was never raised by her mother and maybe, she could easily be exploited by men because she had no one to educate her on life skills. Instead, she turned violent because one day, she ended up hurting her cousin because they were given a plate to share and she was eating faster than her.

Below is her post.

Moral of the story is, teenage pregnancies and mental health are both real. So, always have time for your children, talk to them on anger management and the reality of life. Let them grow up as responsible human beings so that in future, we can eradicate mental health issues.

Thanks for reading.

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