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Reasons why Indian parents get involved in getting lovers for their children

Marriages are beautiful and made in heaven. We all were told that, right?

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Marriages are made in the minds of our parents for one of the following reasons:

In fear that their child will begin dating or would have the freedom to hook up. Indians parents do no give their freedom to choose their live partners. The parents have an obligation to find a good husband for their daughter and pay the pride price. It is a community thing and hence wife selection for the males in the society is communal.

To flaunt to their relatives, friends and neighbors how wealthy they are. Indians are mostly business people and therefore posses alot of wealth. They are also known for helping the less previlleged in the community to get a better living. Therefore the parents try to avoid their kids from disclosing the wealth of the family if they allow them to choose their suitors.

To establish that their child is grown up and is moving to the next stage of life by everyone’s approval. The parents know when their child is mature enough and can take a wife to stay with. Someone can be mature but can't be able to take care of a wife or husband because of the life she has been brought up in.

Parents have lived for long enough in a given area. For example in the village, parents know families that have good people while others have bad people. A society is in such manner, morally upright people and morally decayed people live in the same community. It is therefore the important for the parents to ensure that their kids land in hands of good people.

Most communities take this wife choosing process seriously. This process dictates the kind of grand kids the parents will get in continuity of generations.

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