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Tales of Single Dads that has Left Many Parents Detached from the Society Norms

Single Parenting especially conducted by women on severally occassions has been deemed to be a parenting that has not brought up children in full expectations of the society.

Some instances, this parents will be blamed for any uncalled for behaviours they portray in the society. If boys for example turns to be sissy, the mother will be blamed for denying him a father figure who could have instilled masculinity in him and vice versa for the girls if they turn more of cowboys or as the society calls them "studs" the father will be blamed for not exposing her to the girls world.

However, one man by the name Julius Mugambi decided to give a little advise to both men and women on single parenting from the experience he had undergone through;

My heart today goes to all single mothers. "I can't leave my kids alone” is your MOST faithful slogan girls! The attachment, the love, the joy of sacrifice for them, and the risk of dating a player makes all single mothers to reject that date with " I can't leave my kids alone” Clarion.

Single mums aren't failed wives! They're courageous women that decided NOT to abort your seed irrespective of your character and irresponsibility but believed in God in one way or another God shall provide!

Single fathers are the gentlemen you rejected in their difficult times forcing their mothers to rear their grandchildren but still can't take the hoax of their can be a woman to be trusted ever again!

I've been with my sons for slightly over two years now, and fellow gentlemen please understand this statement; " I can't leave the kids alone!”

When I get a catch on this platform and we engage and propose a date, most dates are broken by that simple statement, "I can't leave the kids alone - .

It's unless you've been with your children alone without their mama or daddie, you may NEVER understand the true connection between you and your kids; and this mostly applies to the men in the house!

I've been invited for serious meetings political or otherwise, very monied meetings but trust me as long as my boys are around my response is that simple - I can't leave my kids alone -

My kids uncles; my mom was blessed with five boys and 100% zero girls; are quite well up people.

You can argue; why can't you leave them there??

"Kiroosh, you're capable, why can't you employ a house help?"

Friends, your brother's wives are NOT your kid's mothers! Friends, house helps aren't part of your DNAs!

But I think Mugambi you should remarry!!!!

Marry who? What if I go through the same or worse pain? Turn on YouTube and listen to a song named "I wish I was single again."

Single fathers suffer a hundred times more than single mothers!

Imagine me in the kitchen, with two boys, one and adolescent and the brother a child, all looking up to me to bake, to do chapati, to iron their clothes etc.... That's why I hide behind CBC and make them do things even beyond their ability. 

Ladies, you're supposed to take care of your man. Ignore the western nonsense of - he cooks for me, blah blah blah- once you have a serious man, you have the first born! It's only that he can dress himself and can take himself to the toilet and back!

Men do your roles! Provide for your people and demand service!

Single moms wherever you are, keep on keeping on! Avoid whining over your irresponsible ex! Face life with courage!

Single dads, I'm here! Broken from every end! But still still playing the Honourable public figure! Afraid of advantage seekers but optimistic that soon she'll be around and I'll concentrate on politics! Learn from me! Make ends meet for your kids! When you can cook for them, read for them story books before they sleep (I'm past that now), MAKE it COMPULSORY to pray with your kids when they wake up, make breakfast together! Etc.

Today I salute all single mamas for what they go through! The first born was a "mistake” the second born the idiot who fathered it became a crime! Now you can't trust any man! You're afraid of the third relationship! Keep strong! Rear your kids! When they're grown and your grandchildren come you'll enjoy it more than everything else!

Single dads,Don't expect any woman to come to your life with solutions! Anticipate to make them the solution!

Good day folks!

What are your thoughts on single parenthood?

Content created and supplied by: Mchambuzi (via Opera News )

Julius Mugambi


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