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Harmful things Wise Parents allow their Kids to do

Staining and tearing clothes

Parents allow their kids to go out and play, the end results are not amazing at all; the kids forget the value of the clothes and goes ahead staining them or even tearing.

First you must let you kid understand the value of clothes and how to avoid staining them as much as possible. However, the best thing you can do is to split the clothes several parts, may be one part for walking and playing and other part for other important events

Eating junk foods

Almost every kid likes junk foods, those salty snacks, greasy doughnuts and other sweet snacks. Some parents ban this type of foods when the kids start getting used to them or depending on them.

However, experts advise on buying junk foods for kids occasionally so that they may understand that they can have a pack of the food without having to eat the whole bag of it at once

Spending personal money on useless things

Even just around, you will notice that modern kids spend their personal money on things like outings, digital devices, downloads, toys, fare, food, shoes and clothes.

Most parents will find some of these things useless and they will lecture their kid on how to spend money. However parents should stop using this approach for two reasons

One reason is that, once you have given your kid some money then this becomes their property. Let them decide how to spend their money. This is especially very important in a family where a kid earns some money from doing something at home.

Secondly, your kid must learn a lesson; they must learn how to differentiate current moment desires from really important needs and wishes.

For them to learn, you must let them spend their money on those nonsense things and regret later, only this method will help them understand the value of money

Being careless

It has been revealed that modern kids have become much more anxious, preoccupied and depressed because the system makes them believe that they are in some kind of a race to gain knowledge where school curriculum is becoming even more difficult and saturated.

That’s why you will find some modern kids have feeling of doing nothing. When there is some free space, do not overload the kid with other tasks, sometimes it is necessary to have sometimes free doing whatever you like


Every parent’s dream is to raise a kid who listens and acts whenever they ask them to do so. However while teaching your kid on how to be obedience be very careful because this might affect them in future; you will raise a kid who will not be able to stand up for themselves and will always be doing what other people are telling them.

Teach them when to stand for themselves and when to obey because in the world today is not like how it used to be some few years back, most people want to take advantage of other people

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