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Pregnancy period

6 Best Type Of Family Planning Methods

Family planning is a method of controlling number or births. Here are the best types of family planning methods you can start using from today.

1. Female sterilization

This is a birth control method which is commonly known as tubal ligation. It for women who don't want to have any birth in future as it is permanent. It involves safe and secure surgical procedure. The fallopian tube is cut off. It is safe and has no any associated effects.

2. Condom

When male condoms are applied effectively, it prevents pregnancy. The recent studies shows that, condoms are over 85 percent effective. It safe because there are no side effects. The 15 percent happen because humans are not perfect while using it as sometimes it might burst.

3. Contraceptive implant

It is one of the best birth control method in family planning. Studies shows that, contraceptive implant is 99 percent effective. It is convenient and Private. Another advantage is that; you will get pregnant immediately you take it off.

4. Intrauterine device

It is also called coil. Intrauterine device is a small T-shaped device covered by copper. It is inserted in the cavity of the womb by either a doctor or a nurse. This method will last between 3 to 10 years depending on the type you choose. The women who are using this method, have reported no serious problems with it. This is very effective.

5. The intrauterine system (IUS)

The intrauterine system is made up of two components: the plastic T-shaped device and a cylinder containing progesterone hormone which is released slowly from the system. IUS is a very effective method of contraception.

Some types of IUS can be used to treat heavy periods. Most women who use this method have reported no problems with it. The device is fitted in the womb.

6. Fertility awareness

This is learning the signs of fertility in your menstrual cycle to help you plan and avoid pregnancy. It has no any side effects. When learned correctly, it is effective.

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