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What Happens When A Baby Dies In The Womb?

If a baby dies before the labor time has arrived the mother is usually given medicine that will induce pain. The medicine may take 48 hours for them to work. The method is safer than having a caesarean section.

If there may be no medical reason for the baby to be born straight away the doctor may also recommend the mother to wait for labor to begin naturally.

If the doctors decide to go for the natural labor to begin blood tests are done as labor Continues. The danger in this method is that it increases the risk of the baby deteriorating and the doctors will not be able to know the actual cause of death.

In induced labor which is the most preferred method is done if the health of the mother is at risk. It can be done by inserting a tablet or gel into the vagina.

After the mother delivers the still baby if she would like to have a time with her baby she is always given some time to stay with the baby.

Some parents also decide to name the child. All the decision are entirely personal and there is no right or wrong way to do so.

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